Burning Man looses it’s identity, replaces it with Game Of Thrones viewing party !

burning man 2017 live
Img via Jonathan Clark

Even triple digit temperatures don’t stop winter from coming to this year’s Burning Man 2017. Yes, that is a Game of Thrones reference. For those who didn’t make the connection the season finale was aired this Sunday which was the official first day of Burning Man.

Burning Man attendees were given a special treat in the middle of the desert with a screening of the season finale of “Game of Thrones” thanks to the Beans Beans the Musical Camp.

Burning Man takes place in the middle of nowhere Nevada, where finding internet and cable tv is a luxury, but that did not stop the Beans Beans the Musical Camp from hosting the one and only Game of Thrones viewing party. The camp projected the anticipated finale on a screen inside the camp during sundown on Monday.

“It’s real. Beans Beans the musical camp at 9:30 and E. our setup is really amazing, a projector with huge screen, massive speakers. See you then,” jaxdesign posted earlier in the day.

That goes to show you that nothing is impossible at the Burn, not even bringing the showdown of Game of Thrones one day after being aired.

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