There’s a New FREE Ice Cave Rave and it looks amazing !

ice cave rave

‘Coors’, the Billion dollar beer brewing company has announced an all new Ice Cave Party in Manchester.

The party is set to take place from September 15-24, giving attendees plenty of time to come and experience something new. Upon entry, patrons will be equipped with thermal jackets designed to withstand the cold for up to 30 minutes. Goes to show how cold this cave is really going to be.

Since the rave is a Coors owned event, it’s only natural the bars be completely stocked with a range of Coors Beers and Cocktails. A few things that I thought really make it a cool event is the fact that they’re hosting DJ masterclasses at the Ice Cave.

ice cave rave
Coors Ice Cave Rave

Not only that but ‘Dj Quest’ will also be taking place which will offer up an amateur DJ competition.

ice cave rave
Ice Cave Rave

It’s obvious they’re really trying to encourage people to come, admission is completely free.