Steve Angello unveils Act II -‘Inferno’ comprised of new tracks ‘Freedom’ & ‘I Know’

steve angello
Steve Angello

Steve Angello, has finally released ‘Inferno’, the 2nd act of two tracks from his upcoming album titled ‘Almost Human’, featuring two previously-unreleased songs: ‘Freedom’ featuring Grammy-nominated rap artist Pusha T, and ‘I Know’.

Its opening track ‘Freedom‘ features a pulsating, heartbeat rhythm of a drumbeat that makes way for an industrial, hypnotic and punishing bassline, before the demonic voice of Pusha T proclaims: “America’s ours” ahead of the song’s drop.

Next comes the distorted crunch of ‘I Know‘, which fires colossal shots of bass across a dark soundscape, as the kick drum keeps things driving. The track’s crisp, soulful vocal soon gives way to an 80s-inspired arpeggiated synth, putting a retro, uplifting twist to this futuristic, apocalyptic track.

The dark, dramatic sound of both tracks from ‘Inferno‘ follow on thematically from Steve Angello’s previous release ‘Genesis‘. ‘Genesis’ and ‘Inferno’ will be followed by a third act, before Steve releases his highly-anticipated album ‘Almost Human’ early next year.

The three acts of ‘Almost Human‘ reflect the varying stages of Steve Angello’s life: After feeling disillusioned by his craft and following a recent spiritual awakening, Angello decided to reinvent his live performances by creating the three acts – each embodying its own universe: Genesis, Inferno, Paradiso.

Fans will be able to receive the songs automatically through Steve Angello’s streaming subscription on Spotify here:

Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling DJ and producer Steve Angello has also recently announced he will perform at the prestigious London venue Printworks on Friday 24th November. This very anticipated show will be Angello’s first live performance in the UK since releasing new material from upcoming album ‘Almost Human’.

Listen to the tracks below!