Alison Wonderland shares personal experience amidst Harvey Weinstein battle

alison wonderland
img via Insomniac

If you haven’t heard by now, Harvey Weinstein’s reputation is in the tank.

The once renounced producer Harvey Weinstein, has been slammed by people across the film industry after an expose piece written by The NY Times deemed him responsible for years of sexual predation towards the women of Hollywood.

Since the explosive article was released, countless people have voiced their support for his victims across social media — and some have even stepped forward to share their own stories of past sexual harassment and trauma. Doing something like this is never an easy task, and we commend every single one of you brave women brave enough to do so.

One of brave includes DJ and producer Alison Wonderland.

Wonderland, who typically voices her stance on mental health issues and social stigmas, submitted several posts on Twitter yesterday detailing her own personal experience with sexual harassment.

“Years ago I got sexually harassed at my old job by a man high up in the company. It was awful. I cried. My dad had to pick me up from work..” she tweeted. “The next day I went to HR & they said “well u are pretty and he was drunk” then subtly told me if I took it any further I would lose my job.”

The artist then goes on to explain how she then found the man on Facebook, and considered telling his wife. She then added that young girls should stand against any form of sexual violation. We appreciate that she spoke up and the fact that she took care to make sure this doesn’t happen to others.

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