Turntables and CDJs have been banned from this Nightclub!

dj busted

Liquid Sky Berlin has announced that no CDJs or Turntables will be found in the Kreuzberg-based club.

Declaring itself a nightclub that doesn’t intend to “represent ordinary DJ culture”, this place has gone against the norm and banned turntables and CDJs.

Liquid Sky Berlin wrote in a post:

“This is NOT because we disrespect DJs. It’s because we are not just another Berlin nightclub. We support other formats / unique styles / different thinking / alternative tastes and emerging uses of both newer and older technology.”

With that in mind, this underground nightclub welcomes a variety of wonky replacements that include busted Sony tape players, shortwave radios, Nintendo Gameboys, modular synths and even “hacked home-fitness-trainers.”

Marco Di
Founder of Rave Jungle. Part time writer, full time raver. A lover of most electronic music genres, with a special taste for Deep House and Techno. Get in touch with me via email.


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