“DJ” Paris Hilton is back at it again! She’s attempting to release a Deep House album

paris hilton

What’s worse than Paris Hilton dropping a Pop album? Paris Hilton dropping a Deep-House album, and if that statement made you cringe well guess what, it’s true.

I mean if Dillon Francis could take ‘Von Deepah’ why can’t Paris Hilton? For all, we know she already has a deal with Anjunabeats. If you couldn’t tell I’m being sarcastic, nobody wants this, ever. It’s like going to see the grand canyon, the first time you see it you think, wow this is amazing, but the second time it’s just a big hole in the ground.

If you think this is a woman discrimination issue I promise you it is not, by allowing Paris Hilton to buy her way into the electronic dance music industry then you would actually be undermining the hard work of other female artists such as Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Nicole Moudaber, Anna, Rezz, Alison Wonderland and Anna Lunoe. Not to mention that her music would be the stuff that people listen to and laugh about in a car that one time you were on that one road trip.

She does have a 5-year residency at Amnesia in Ibiza and has already released one pop album to a brief Billboard #1 spot. Now, she’s recording her second album, working on what she calls a “whole new sound.” She promises deep house, techno-pop and electro-pop, naming Katy Perry, DJ Chuckie, Michael Jackson and Madonna as some of her biggest influences.

Look the fact is that we all don’t like this idea but she will sell. Paris Hilton treats her self as a commodity and capitalizes on it which has brought her to the success of where she is today. She is a smart businesswoman and knows that she can enter large festivals with a high booking fee. But hey, might as well sit back and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts!