Woman who had reportedly gone missing was actually just at a 7 day rave!

photo aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac

One Dutch woman has taken “Losing yourself in the music” to a whole new level. Thalissa Van de Lagemaat had reportedly gone missing after not being in contact with her family for 7 days while on holiday but was found after a week later at a rave in Spain.

She went to Granada, Spain and said she was going to make it back to the Netherlands on October 31st. However she decided to stay more and go to the rave, which might not have caused too many issues if it weren’t for the fact her identification cards and mobile phone were stolen before going, so she had no way of contacting her parents.

After some time went by, her family became understandably worried and filed a missing persons report, but in the end it all turned out well.

After launching an appeal, which was shared throughout social networks, man named Van de Lagemaat simply posted a link to the free party festival she was at in Santa Fe, Granada, to her Facebook page to explain her whereabouts, prompting some rather angry friends and family.

Thalissa’s message to let people know where she was.