240 kg or approximately 600,000 ecstasy pills have been sized by police

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It seems like the global drug trade has been getting a huge crack down recently with news of large amounts of ecstasy pills being seized almost every month.

Most of these pills circulate between Netherlands and Jakarta creating a well known and international trade route. Today, November 23rd, a team from Directorate of Drugs at National Police (Polri) Headquarters seized over 600,000 ecstasy pills, or 243 kg to be exact.

This is going to take a huge dent out of profits in the trade as supply will be shortened for the upcoming holiday festival season. Polri has known about the Netherlands-Jakarta International trade for years but have struggled to make a dent up until the recent months. Six people have been arrested in which two were actually controlling trade from prison.

“Six suspects and hundreds of thousands of ecstasy pills are secured. Ecstasy of Dutch network has the number one quality,” said Director of Drugs of Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) at National Police Headquarters.

The ecstasy is divided into three colors, namely orange with qp logo weighing one 0.44 grams per pill; pink color weighing 0.38 grams per pill and yellow color 0.36 grams per pill.

It’s not quite on the same level as over 2.55 million ecstasy pills seized by Turkish police, but a mega haul all the same.

The police reports won’t be released for a couple days but hopefully when they do we will gain an insight as to how large the international drug syndicate is.