Dangerous situation at the Transmission fest, Fireworks fired into crowd [VIDEO]

Photo: Transmision Festival Facebook

Ever since the beginning man has always had a love hate relationship with fire and especially at festivals, who doesn’t love a little pyrotechnics?

I am going to go out on a limb and say that the folks who attended Transmission Festival in Prague, Czech Republic this weekend had no intentions of fire being shot directly at them. During the Trance music event, there was a malfunction with the fireworks that caused them to fire into the crowd instead of the air.

No serious injuries have been reported and the folks over at Transmission have released this statement.

Transmission Festival
“Dear fans,
Last Saturday during Transmission in the o2 arena in Prague in ‘the Ceremony of the Warrior’ mix some of the pyro effects were different as expected. We have hired 2 licensed pyro companies for the pyro show, one from the Netherlands and one from the Czech Republic.

Even though the pyro show was all the time under full control of licensed pyrotechnicians nevertheless, not everything has gone according to plan and red comets with tail instead of red ultra fast comets were fired.

Pyroworks (NL) & Flash Barrandov Special Effects (CZ):
A Human mistake was made with installing a substitute effect for the original product that wasn’t available. This should have been avoided.

On behalf of everyone involved we apologize for the situation, you have been exposed to.
Fortunately, there were no serious injuries but to avoid any kind of risk in the future we have decided for all our future shows not to include any kind of pyro above the audience anymore.

In case of questions you can contact: info@unitedmusic.cz

I’m sure they had no intentions of cutting corners or allowing this mistake to happen but human error is a factor in all festivals that must be watched for.

Check out the video below!