Here’s what makes Excision’s Lost Lands festival so unique !

lost lands 2018 lineup

Lost Lands was a festival that came out of nowhere and definitely blew people’s minds. It’s the Bass music festival hosted by none other than the legend Excision, who had its first event this year. As more and more details get announced here are some of the top things that make Lost Lands a unique festival.


Okay, we might as well get this out of the way now because yes, Lost Lands featured huge life-like dinosaurs not just on the main stage, but also scattered around the venue.


You don’t see many large Electronic Dance Music festivals based out of Ohio so this made some people skeptical. While a large number of festival-goers complained about expensive flights, I heard so many stories about people making friends with other Lost Lands attendees


Excision has always maintained a good relationship with his fans and even has a private Facebook groups such as ‘Lost Lands Fam‘ and ‘Excision’s Headbangers‘ of both his and Lost Lands fans. As the festival was being produced and details and complications came up, Excision was very active on social media to make sure that everyone was informed and prepared for the festival.

4. 1,000,000 WATTS OF BASS

Next year, Excision has promised his attendees 1,000,000 watts of bass which is an absurd amount that is unprecedented from a new festival. The sound quality from this previous year was insane and already set a new bar for bass stages across the world.


Aside from Bassrush and Basscon events like Project Z, there aren’t many bass specific festivals in the United States. Lost Lands is a 100% melt your face bass festival.


Within an hour after the announcement, all loyalty tier and pre-sale tickets had been purchased leaving the festival in a state of financial certainty, but unrest among the fans.


Lost Lands has already become one of the most popular and desired festivals around the world. With how quickly it has already sold its pre-sale tickets a lot of people are asking will Lost Lands become a staple festival like EDC, Ultra, and Tomorrowland. More tickets were sold in the first hour of the 2018 presale, than the entire first month of sales in 2017. This is actually insane!

The Excision Lost Lands 2017 Mix is available for free download now here!