Are you “Crazy Enough” for DJ Joe Bermudez’s new remix ?

Joe Bermudez

Boston based DJ Joe Bermudez is back with a brand new remix featuring vocals from south African singer Louise Carver. Hang on tight if you press play, cause this producer’s bound to take you for fun, club fueled ride with this one.

Joe Bermudez has been hailed by the Boston Herald as New England’s “All Around Superstar.” The producer earned his roots back during his teen years by spinning discs for WKZS-FM 99.9’s radio station, and has gone on become one of the hottest talents in the global club scene.

Bermudez has played with the likes of Madonna and David Guetta with sold out shows and colossal venues. He has played across the world including a variety of countries in Europe, South Africa and Shanghai cementing himself as a globe trotter capable of controlling crowds across the world.

His heavy hitting mixes have won over listeners thanks to their seamless, pitch perfect production, and for Bermudez’s dedication to play to the crowd, rather than his ego.

Crazy Enough” reels in listeners with Carver’s light, airy vocals, and builds momentum as Bermudez elegantly blends in his electro infused beats. The whole thing then reaches a crescendo, peaking back down into a drop that leaves you wanting to dance the whole night away.

Check out the track below: