The Chainsmokers Alex Pall gets caught cheating on his girlfriend [VIDEO]

alex pall cheating
The Chainsmokers

We all know that The Chainsmokers have been killing it in the music industry. With headlining major festivals and ranking top on the charts, it doesn’t look like these two are slowing down anytime soon.

However, half of the powerhouse duo, Alex Pall, ran into a bump in the road this past weekend when his girlfriend caught him cheating red handed and didn’t hesitate to post is all over social media.

26-year-old Tori Woodward, who we now assume is Pall’s ex-girlfriend, drilled the DJ on her Instagram account when she posted surveillance footage of him kissing another girl. Woodward captioned one of her uploads with, “Alex is disgusting. Men are trash. Don’t ever forget it,” and the other with, “They’ll look you in the eyes and tell you they love you. Then destroy you without a second thought.” Pall clearly has some explaining to do.

The couple had reportedly been dating for almost four years and recent media coined them as “madly in love.” However now, their future doesn’t look too promising. Let’s try to be more faithful next time, Alex.

Check out the video footage below.