This legend hid Bitcoin stockpiles at a festival & now they’re worth thousands!

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Electric Forest

The rave community is well known for its value of spreading kindness and positivity and while most of us are pretty decent people, some go out of their way to brighten up other people’s days.

A Reddit user by the name of u/viridianlion claims to have hidden various amounts of bitcoin at Electric Forest festival last year and they will be doing the same thing this year. He said that the amounts vary from $25 to $250 which means that you could be looking at some pretty decent cash!

“The boxes ranged in value from $25 up to $250. If you found a big one and held onto it until bitcoin was at its peak, it was worth over 2k. If you held until now, its worth about $1400. Regardless, I’m doing it again this year, so be on the lookout for more posts about this in the weeks leading up to forest (second weekend). Also look for our new bitcoin totem!”

Now if you pay attention to the price of bitcoin you know it is very volatile but it just recently skyrocketed which if it holds, could mean thousands of dollars. If you’re hoping to cash in this year at Electric Forest festival then keep an eye out for a bitcoin totem!