This new book features all your favorite RAVE Flyers from the ’90s !

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There’s a new book being put together that will be based solely around raving in the early 90’s. The book will be titled ‘Flying Over England: Rave Flyer Art Of The Early 90’s’.

Author Mike Pendegast came up with the idea after spending seven years traveling England and attending different clubs, raves and other electronic events. The book will feature numerous rave flyers that were documented throughout the years of 1991-1993.

The old school flyers are pretty cool. It shows you how far the rave culture has come and makes you appreciate the pioneers of the movement. Check out what Pendegast said in an interview with The Wire.

“Flyers document an era of peace and love, an eradication of barriers, an ethos of unity and respect. These memories can never be buried or discarded. They are an artistic history of the subculture. This was a scene that sprang from austerity into an underground, an anti-establishment movement that must be recorded as a significant era that, some may argue, altered the course of history.

“1991 to 93 was the golden age of rave art with flyers developing from photocopied, black and white scribbles of the late 80s to highly elaborate works of illustration. I kept all the flyers of raves that I attended.”

No publishing announcement has been made, but more information and pictures from the flyers can be found via the project’s website.