Email shows Datsik’s management knew about Rape Allegations since October ’17


Datsik’s career has been a long build-up for close to 8 years as he is considered to be one of the top tier heavyweight DJ’s of the recent generation. Last week we watched his legacy crumble to ash as accusations of sexual assault and rape have emerged.

This week we are starting to see more concrete evidence that these events have been going on for years and that his former management, ‘Deckstar‘, actually knew of the events. One woman emailed with screenshots of emails from Deckstar and a crisis management publication relations firm.

The email details, “Within 24 hours of sending her allegations of rape to Deckstar Management, the alleged victim was contacted by a crisis management publicist from a Public Relations firm. In their brief exchange, the alleged victim was pressed for more information and was also asked, ‘What is it that you’re looking for?’”

According to, “she also noted that her reason for initially contacting Deckstar was to bring awareness to the issue and to help prevent other women from becoming victims.”

It is sad to see that not only was this an isolated incident but also that his management attempted to cover up the incidents as they were happening. We will keep you updated as more information is released but for now, it is safe to say that Datsik‘s career is over.