The Glitch Mob Release Highly Anticipated Album ‘See Without Eyes’

The Glitch Mob

Globally renowned electronic trio Boreta (Justin Boreta), edIT (Ed Ma), and Ooah (Joshua Mayer), aka The Glitch Mob, have dropped their eagerly anticipated album ‘See Without Eyes’ on their label Glass Air Records.

The Los Angeles-based veterans have been captivating the masses for years with their unique performance style and impeccable productions. Their last album ‘Love Death Immortality’ was a groundbreaking success, and went to number one on the Billboard Independent Albums Chartin 2014.

After a short break, the pioneering trio are back and are sure to leave their mark once again, with the release of their newest creation,See Without Eyes. The album is undisputedly a product of raw talent, decades of experience, and unparalleled commitment to their craft.

‘See Without Eyes’ is a testament to the group’s ability to generate astonishing music that has the capacity to shift the face of music culture. The Glitch Mob focus on a futuristic theme over the duration of the album, telling a story of self-discovery which is so brilliantly conveyed through their impeccable productions and mesmerizing visuals.

Working alongside Strangeloop Studios, each track on the album is paired with a distinct video. The six previously unreleased videos can now be streamed via Apple Music, and will be available on other channels one week post-release. The unique combination of breathtaking audio and stirring visuals has created an incomparable listening/viewing experience, one which fans have been eagerly anticipating.

Built with the precision that fans have come to know and love from The Glitch Mob, ‘See Without Eyes’ kicks off in spectacular fashion with the flamboyant cut ‘Enter Formless (Feat. Rituals of Mine)’.

The track boasts a distinctive synth line from the outset, setting the tone for the diverse and hard hitting album. Vocals courtesy of Rituals of Mine are perfectly melded with the intricate instrumental composition, forming a truly absorbing track. Next up, ‘Take Me With You (Feat. Arama)’ takes listeners on a meandering voyagethrough space and time.

The track kicks off with plucked and muted arpeggiated synth line that sets a distinctive bassline for the track. The filter opens on the synth as we hear Arama‘s vocals for the first time, floating over the rich production. The track travels towards a drop that brings even more dynamism to a work that is already overflowing with personality and energy.

‘Disintegrate Slowly’ ups the ante in the bass department, adding a resonating kick drum to the mix, keeping the groove through its duration. A heavy saw lead enters the soundscape as we hear the production reach its apex, bringing the entire track together in perfect harmony.

‘Keep On Breathing (Feat. Tula)’ is another head turning addition; an inquisitive mix of pulsing bass drum and haunting synthesizers carry the track from the outset. Tula‘s emotive vocals pair perfectly with the cut, leveling the track and acting as the antidote to the unabashed instrumental section.

‘Come Closer’ hits us with a heavy thumping kick drum and a distinctive and a deliberate saw lead. A more upbeat creation, the track is sure to raise hairs on many a spine, with a fast paced and relentless, punishing drum section.

‘I Could Be Anything (Feat. Elohim)’, which saw a release in early April along with a massive REZZ remix, commences with an arpeggiated side-chained lead that is tied over a 4/4 kick drum; creating the perfect stage for Elohim‘s stunning vocal performance. ‘Interbeing’ is a more down-tempo and inquisitive addition to The Glitch Mob’s admirable catalogue, sure to diversify an already mind blowing inventory of creations.

Already a fan favorite, ‘How Could This Be Wrong (Feat. Tula)’ was the first track released from ‘See Without Eyes’ and reintroduced The Glitch Mob to the ever shifting dance music spotlight. ‘Go Light’, released just days before the full album, is a hard hitting anthem sure to ignite live performances with its drum heavy production.

‘How Do I Get To Invincible (Feat. Ambre)’ is a wavy, indie-leaning track, featuring soothing vocals that provide a change of pace from rest of the raucous LP. ‘Way Out Is In’ closes the full length album with a flurry of live instrumentation, rounding out the highly diversified, one-of-a-kind Glitch Mob production that is ‘See Without Eyes’.

Justin, Ed and Joshua have also just embarked on an extensive, 38-stop tour of the globe, featuring the brand new material from their stellar album ‘See Without Eyes.’ The band will perform the tracks from the album live on the custom stage that was hand crafted by the trio and famed set designer Martin Phillips. The stage, fittingly named ‘The Blade 2.0’, is sure to captivate crowds around the world on the trail its predecessor ‘The Blade’ blazed.

Listen to the album here.