Police raids nightclub, protesters hold massive rave in front of the parliament [VIDEO]

As the great Beastie Boys once said, “You’ve got to fight for your right to party.” Well, a large number of Georgian citizens took to the streets in front of the Georgian Parliament Building to do just that.

Last week Georgia police raided and indefinitely shut down the ‘Bassiani‘, one of the world’s most popular electronic dance music clubs. Thousands of ravers gathered to blast music and dance in the streets to peacefully protest the attack on a staple to the young peoples’ culture.

While many may see a protest this massive as overkill for the closure of a club, one person on Reddit, u/Vanilla_Face, explained the movement for those who may not understand.

“For those who aren’t familiar, Bassiani isn’t just a random club. It’s arguably the greatest dance music club in the world. It’s a focal point for young people to mobilize for change in a country plagued by an authoritarian government. A progressive oasis in a highly conservative part of the world that will sentence you to 20 years in prison for possession of marijuana.”

Check out a video of the protest below.