After months of anticipation Super8 & Tab drop ‘Reformation’ Part 2

Super8 & Tab

Rounding off what has been an unequivocally spectacular first six months of the year, Finnish trance legends Super8 & Tab today drop ‘Part 2’ of their 2018 long player ‘Reformation’, out for full international release today.

Opening with DJ Mag UK pick ‘Burn’ featuring Hero Baldwin on vocals, Super8 & Tab immediately set the tone for the rest of the album. Gentle strings and ethereal synths pave the way for a top line that blends “vocal style of contemporary UK house into trance” (DJ Mag), a true ‘hands in the air’ cut as much at home on the dance floor as it is flooding across festival stadiums.

Cosmic Gate collaboration ‘Noom’ should take seasoned listeners back to the original glory days of trance, a crescendoing powerhouse of a track that erupts through stabbing synths, sweeping chords and evocative, picked piano notes, reminiscent of Gatecrasher and God’s Kitchen at their peak.

Originally not intended for individual release but having proven itself as a stand out track on the road is ‘Osaka’, a collaboration with Tom Fall. The faintest whisper of a vocal dives and dances across swelling elements that open and close underneath, the pace and energy of both building as the track progresses. Out-and-out festival monster ‘Quest’ sees angelic voice samples flying across tightly compounded layers of organic and electronic instrumental sections.

Closing the album off with understated pianos and strings is ‘Aave’, translating from the Finnish as ‘Ghost’. After the explosive electronic energy of the rest of the album, it’s a final stroke of genius from Super8 & Tab, lulling listeners into a euphoric, head-tingling state of tranquility before closing the door on this latest chapter.

Listen to the tracks here.