Man reveals what happened at the resort which offers cocaine and unlimited sex with prostitutes

Image: CEN/SE*

Remember the sex island experience that we previously reported, you know, the unmistakable one that is all inclusive for attendees, and provides unlimited access to a room, board, food, alcohol, airport transfers, cocaine, and sex with libidinous prostitutes? 

Well in case it flew past your radar, allow us to rehash. The highly scrutinized “Sex Island” off the coast of Cartagena, on Columbia’s north coast, boasts on its official website that clients will be able to “live life as they have always imagined”, and describes it as “a discreet and beautiful environment for men to fulfill their wildest fantasies”.

The website states that the “drug-friendly paradise will have sixty hot women serving thirty clients for the duration of the event, making at least two women available for each man twenty-four hours a day. 

Well in case you were wondering the legitimacy of the claims from the Good Girl Company, one dentist from New York, named Ryan, last name omitted for obvious reasons, has experienced and documented his journey in a tell-all journal. According to the self-claimed married man, Ryan paid 4,600 Euros and in return lived the life of a king for several days before returning home to his wife and normal routine. 

“Sex Island” is actually called “Margarita Island”, and is host to a hotel, nightclub, and private beach. In his journal, Ryan states that the first thing that he did when he got there was walk up to the two hottest women on the island and asked them to stick with him for the whole time that he was on the island, which they did by the way. 

On the first night a lesbian sex show at the nightclub was the highlight, but abruptly ended with pretty much everybody jumping in and starting a massive ninety plus person orgy. He stated that after that night, the whole entire journey was an alcohol and drug infused non-stop group sex vacation, with nothing but beautiful, exotic women.

He went on to further state that there is more to do besides just sex, drugs, and alcohol. A golf course is available for those interested, and they even host an “Orgy Golf Tournament”, where the winner gets access to all the women on the island for fifteen minutes. Other activities such as topless salsa lessons, and strip tennis were boring to him, so he basically skipped out on them to go jump in on some more orgy action. 

Ryan’s journal indicated that most participants were from either the United States, or Canada, but that some attendees also came from Europe and Asia. It also said that at the height of the vacation that people were literately passing out from the dolce vita, and that it is something that goes beyond human imagination. 

If anybody had doubts that the Good Girls Company claims were false, think again. The vacation was precisely as advertised. He did take some pictures for nostalgia but said that he would definitely hide them from his wife so that she would never find out. 

Check out their video ad below!