Rave Jungle interview with the extremely talented Italian bass duo, Tiigers


Rave Jungle team got the opportunity to sit down for a special interview with the extremely talented Italian bass duo, Tiigers. Damiano and Federico were really polite and happy to answer all of our questions and we wish them the best for the rest of the year.

What do you think will be new frontiers of exposure in the next coming decade for producers?

We start with a pretty hard question haha! We don’t know really, might be Spotify or Soundcloud or maybe something else. Definitely streaming is the future, we Always seek new sounds on those Platforms.

Is one member producing and the other performing in Tiigers or are duties split evenly?

We split every aspect of the project from producing to djing, we do have diffrent taste in music, which is why we feel we’re balanced in the production process.

Not that the journey is over, but what moments helped you find your sound that’s on display in 2019?
When we met our manager we started evolving our sound since he always told us to try different things and to keep doing something new. We don’t think we found our sound honestly, we have a lot to learn. Although listening to old production now help us understand that we’re moving!
Never Say Die and Buygore are huge label brand-names, what part in the record creation process would you say helps your music stand out against other music competing for the same spot?
Doing what do you feel in that moment, that’s the right formula for us. We are so glad that Never Say Die and Buygore liked our music and we are thankful for that, we try to avoid to produce music based on which label/style we want to get released on, this was an error we made for so long, now it’s just inspiration and experimenting, label will get after that!
Any artists you have your eye on this year?
Sharps, Decimate, Tryple, Erotic Cafè, Craymak, L.U.X, Awal and Jool and many more are so talented and we love all their stuff. 
What new songs are coming out in 2019?
We have an EP on MA Music released today, Friday 03/01, a collaboration with Sharps coming soon, and many other tunes in the making. We’re so excited to share new stuff with the world!