The Bonnaroo / Odesza combination will positively impact lives


The Bonnaroo headlining Odesza continues to captivate the hearts and minds of people from around the globe with their music and live performances, and as the road to Bonnaroo shortens, the unaware are in for a spectacular happening that is going to change their lives.

While Bonnaroo festival alone is a life-changing event, proportionally, so is a live Odesza experience. The combination is going to touch the lives of countless people, and open the hearts and minds of the masses. There are millions of humans that know exactly how soul soothing the music that the next level duo produces can be, and just how special their performances are, but there are still many people that do not even know what the word Odesza means, let alone the impact that it can have on their life.

Odesza makes music that is constantly evolving. They have been making beautiful, unprecedented music for several years, but the release of their A Moment Apart album, and the beyond yearlong tour to coincide has snowballed them into an immeasurable giant that holds no bounds. They are doing something truly remarkable, and they are on a relentless journey to metamorphosizing into something that presumably even they can not quite comprehend.

Bonnaroo photo by aLIVE Coverage

The universal sound that is Odesza spans all corners of the globe. The music that they create has the ability to connect with all humans, anybody that it encounters is sure to fall under its majestical spell. It is brilliant that Bonnaroo was able to book them as headlining acts.

Bonnaroo has a wide range of genre cultures that come to the event, it is somewhat a melting pot of music fans, and really is the type of event that is for all people, all ages, all cultures, and all beings. The diverse platform is going to expand Odesza’s reach deeper than ever before. While it already is worldwide, Bonnaroo will help their sound penetrate people’s heats and eardrums that are closed minded and victims of genre confine bars.

It may sound crazy; however, their music is impacting humanity positively. People that become one with it develop a greater understanding of love and light. Odesza’s medicinal music revitalizes blackened hearts and helps people heal.

The Odesza/Bonnaroo combination is going to join forces to do something that can not be put into words. People that get to experience first hand are all going to walk away from it as better people, believe it or not, the rest can only hope that proper documentation of the spectacle is at hand.