Someone is selling Nina Kraviz’ seven year-old bathwater on eBay

nina kraviz
Nina Kraviz

Some people will try and sell anything. A prime example of that is the Nina Kraviz’ Bathwater that has recently hit the market.

A 1-liter plastic water bottle was posted on the popular selling platform, eBay. The prized H20 is apparently 7 years old and will cost you 650 euros. Bottled back in 2012, the water was gathered from a housekeeper tending to the DJ’s hotel room during Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium.

For sale signs don’t get any more weird. To make it even worse, apparently the seller is calling it a unique collectors item and is selling it with deep regret. What a creep.

“The bottle has been stored in my fridge for the last seven years. Originally, around 15% of it contained some of the bubbles you can see in the film, but sadly, these have long since dissolved. This is reflected in the reduced price (this item would normally be worth £1,000 with full bubbles).

WARNING: This is not drinking water. Do not consume this liquid.

P.S. It was a Radox bubble bath – pomegranate and red apple. You can still smell the scent when you open the bottle.”

Check out the hilarious eBay post HERE!.