ROD has dropped his first Afterlife EP ‘Brighten Up Bunny’, with a remix from Fjaak

ROD is a new artist for world’s well recognized Afterlife Recordings and ‘Brighten Up Bunny’ is another high-quality entry in Benny Rodrigues’ acclaimed discography.

The EP’s title track ‘Brighten Up Bunny’ opens the record with bright, uplifting synth notes and a weighty kick drum – Rodrigues‘ fresh take on the Afterlife sound.

Getting deeper and darker with ‘Welcome Back Mama’, DJ and producer ROD fuses razor-sharp claps and a punchy bassline to dazzling effect. ‘Melodi’ takes an eerie turn, burying the drums under metallic shimmers and disorientating reverberations.

ROD Afterlife

On the remix, FJAAK treat ‘Welcome Back Mama’ with a warehouse-ready pulse and sharpen its edges.

Listen to the tracks below and prepare yourselves for a blasting new records from Benny Rodrigues better known as ROD, cause it doesn’t look this guy is slowing back anytime soon!


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