Rave Jungle interview with DJ and producer Mateo Paz

Mateo Paz

Mateo Paz is an artist who’s passion for music exudes him, when he isn’t out DJ’ing he is dedicating his spare time to create stunning Progressive House tunes or promoting the best undiscovered talent in the scene on his weekly ‘Gain’ podcast.

Mateo’s remix of Jacob Gurevitsch offers a sultry Balearic guitar melody mixed with a stunning deep and progressive backdrop, we caught up with Mateo to discuss how he made ‘The Spanish Inquisition’

So firstly – let’s be honest – the tune is great! How did it come about?

Thank you very much. I listen a lot of tracks daily on YouTube, especially flamenco music. After I heard this track, I loved it so much that I felt that I needed to make my version of it.

What makes you love the original?

Flamenco music in general has a special meaning for me. Jacob is a very talented musician and every track of his is very emotional to me.

How did you start the production?

Honestly I don’t remember but after I got the stems, it was a huge and instant inspiration to start building a music background around his guitar. Was there a moment that you knew ‘this is going to be good!’ Before I even started the track! I always imagine how I want the music to sound and after a few hours I developed the piece into exactly what I imagined.

Have you spoken to the original artist about this track?

Yes sure. He approved and sent the stems for it.

Do you see this as a sign of things to come for you this year?

I think its great to have this track in my catalogue, and if people love it, even better!

How does this build on the ‘Mateo Paz’ sound?

Actually my sound and style is not genre based. In every track there is a specific signature that I try to create. So I would say there is no universal key how to achieve it. I like to experiment.

Finally – what’s your favourite bit of the drop?

Simplicity is main thing when you have such great elements to use. I tried to keep the guitar as the main focus and build around it. Other elements in the track are there to just to support it.

Listen to the track below and enjoy!