Sofi Tukker release remix of Laurent Wolf’s classic ‘No Stress’


SOFI TUKKER have shared their remix of Laurent Wolf’s dancefloor classic ‘No Stress’ featuring Eric Carter, released on Armada Music. The group’s version infuses urgency into the track, letting the impassioned vocal be the focus at times and simmering a dark groove until it explodes with distorted synths and the chill-inducing hook.

The French producer’s original was an international hit in 2008 and had a formative impact on Tucker Halpern, one half of SOFI TUKKER.

“When I first fell in love with dance music and started to learn how to DJ, I remember the first-ever playlist I made and ‘No Stress’ was on it. I remember being so excited to play it in my first-ever set, and it went OFF.

Right when the piano chords started, the room erupted; it is one of those moments that I can recall exactly, the room and the faces of my classmates singing every word! This song had a major impact on my love for DJing and the power of dance music.

I actually went home and made my first bootleg remix of the song in my dorm room, and the next night it was the first semi-original thing I ever tested out in front of people. When the opportunity arose to officially remix it this year, I was beyond hyped.

It was really fun to make because I love the original so much. We didn’t want to take out too much, but we wanted to make it really hit and be able to play it in any sort of set. We’re so happy with how this turned out, and haven’t played a set in the last few months without it. It is a highlight every single time.”

SOFI TUKKER just wrapped up the U.S. leg of their R.I.P Shame World Tour with a rapturous, sold-out show at NYC’s Avant Gardner to celebrate the release of their new EP, ‘Dancing On The People’.

The EP is a collection of songs in English, Portuguese, and Spanish that expand SOFI TUKKER’s global and inclusive vision of dance music with songs full of adventurous ideas and joy.

The R.I.P. Shame World Tour hits Mexico City on November 17 before the European leg begins.

Listen to the remix below.