Moscoman launches Disco Halal COVID-19 Relief Fund


Israel-born DJ and producer Moscoman has unveiled the all-new Disco Halal Covid-19 Relief Fund, with the aim of supporting the underground electronic scene during these trying times.

Launched via online fundraising platform Fundrazr, the fund has been set up to raise money that can then be given as micro-grants to key contributors in the underground dance world who are struggling to make ends meet due to widespread, coronavirus-induced cancellations. The size of the final fund will dictate the total number of grants, with those from within the underground scene encouraged to apply via an online form setting out reasons why.

The Fundrazr description reads:

“Disco Halal here. Artists, sound techs, lighting teams and other contributors play a big role in our life, and their ability to survive financially is now under significant threat As time progresses, the damage is becoming increasingly stark and the future more and more uncertain. As a result, we have decided to start a relief fund and allow us to give financial support to those in need.

The money will be released as equal micro-grants and paid through on immediately following the fundraiser. So hopefully the more money we will have to give to more people can apply and get the assistance they need. The underground scene can help keep its champions above water while the world weathers this storm. Please donate if you can. Thank you.”

Disco Halal COVID-19 Relief Fund

Encompassing elements of downtempo, new-wave and alternative pop, stitched together with a leftfield dancefloor throb, it firmly established Disco Halal‘s esoteric tastes, as well as the unique take on electronic music suddenly, rapidly emerging from the once-overlooked nightlife and club scene of Tel Aviv.

Born Chen Moscovici, Moscoman spent most of his life in Tel Aviv and released on labels such as Eskimo, ESP Institute, Diynamic and Correspondent, but it was a move back to Berlin a couple of years ago which really pushed things forward. “It was a great place to step back and overlook my whole life,” he explains. “I didn’t have time before to sit down and think where I was going. Now I see the wider picture.”

An amazing idea from one of the underground dance music scene’s brilliant minds, hopefully the Disco Halal Covid-19 Relief Fund will help some of the industry’s neediest DJs make ends meet during these turbulent times.