Faraday unveils his brand new 4-Track EP called ‘Voyager’


Connor Drazil better known by his stage name Faraday, began his journey into the world of electronic dance music while he was in college as an engineering student. Although Faraday had been writing music and performing live since he was a child, it wasn’t until he took up producing that he found his stride.

Faraday now lives in Seattle, after finishing college in 2015. With a residency at Foundation Nightclub (2015-18) and with USC events, as well as almost one-million plays, Faraday’s momentum continues to increase. Touring artists that include Mat Zo, Seven Lions, Feed Me, Madeon, Ferhplay and K?d have “garnered the support” of Faraday in addition to his streaming and performing success. Faraday’s discography dates back to 2014 and consists of fifteen single/EP releases to date.

Voyager’ by Faraday is OUT NOW and available to stream on all major platforms! The EP lasts around 16 minutes and consists of four incredible tracks: ‘Voyager (2020 Mix)’, ‘Chariot’, ‘Curse 2 Cure’ and ‘Star Dancer’.

Faraday Voyager EP

The opening track, ‘Voyager (2020 Mix)’, sits at a steady 114bpm and commences with a fifty-second build. Consisting of various synth layers, light percussion, and a crescendo of additional melodic elements that build intensity, the instrumentation cuts out at the 0:49 for the drop. A powerful sub-bass, mixed with the steady beat and fast-flowing synth riff, creates an amalgamated sound that is trance-like.

Although the EP is categorised as Dance, each track has it’s own unique style that seems to have a completely different feel from the last: the intensity of the pre-drop build in ‘Voyager (2020 Mix)’; the powerful bass mixed with the ambient trance-like flow of ‘Chariot’; the combination of a dominant bass, spacious synth swells and an eerie yet melodic vocal contribution in ‘Curse 2 Cure’; and the throwback styled synth-dominant vibes of ‘Star Dancer’.

Fans of Faraday, along with those who appreciate creative, new electronic music, will want to check out this EP. Make sure you follow Faraday on all of his social media to keep up to date with his upcoming releases!

Listen to the EP below!