Estiva shares two outstanding singles ‘Enemies’ & ‘Magnus’ on Colorize

If you were to put Estiva in a room full of the greatest electronic artists, there would be no hesitation or questioning of the legitimacy of his presence.

The Enhanced and Colorize veteran has been making waves on label for 10 years and shows no sign of stopping. He is consistently exploring and dominating the melodic techno, progressive, and trance genres.

And now, Estiva is adding to his rolodex and is giving us more than we deserve. Serving up two tracks on his latest Colorize release, beginning with “Enemies”. A precise and delicate track that enlivens the listener through its subtle yet toe tapping beats.

Additionally, we meet “Magnus” which features the vocalist RBBTS. Her legendary voice on this beautiful record signifies all that Steven can do. The progressive sounds with her voice creates an intimate feeling between the producer and the listener.

Estiva has performed at Tomorrowland, ASOT, Group Therapy and regular Ibiza slots over the years, and now Colorize is proud of their partnership with the producer, as he effortlessly brings beauty and skill to his work that reflects his well-earned experience in the electronic music world.