Sympl drops ‘Lie To Me’ video ahead of his upcoming album ‘It’s My World And You’re Just Listening To It’

sympL’s new album is scheduled for release early next year. The video paired with the first single, “Lie To Me” features The One Lavic lending vocals to a campy take on social media culture as Vampire noir.

In the duet, the first two verses come from the victims – fictional characters voiced by the artists. One, is a blogger – a “familiar” – whose livestreamed raps are the entry point into the homes of future victims. He raps, “for every stress, we design an escape – for every ailment, there’s a pill you can take.”

The One Lavic joins in on the second verse as a parallel to the character in Bram Stoker‘s “Dracula.” Mina Harper holds a young influencer in her trance – singing the lines, “My life is a brand and it gets to my head.”

In the third verse however, sympL embodies the Master Vampire himself and taunts the listener with the lines, “Fattened cattle on the farm make the richest steaks. Everything you click – stored in our database,” and perhaps even more haunting, “keep the poor on drugs – the wild ones destroy themselves.

Keep the wealthy fat and fed and they’ll gorge themselves.” The final lament repeats, “Used to be science-fiction but now, it’s true – the machines you’ve made now automate you.”

Listen to the track below.