Discover Australian label FLOW MUSIC’s unique mix series – FLOW SESSIONS

Nothing distinguishes a DJ more than their own mixing style and individual track selection. Time and place certainly play an important role but it’s a DJs unique mix which makes for a distinctive signature sound.

From sun-soaked festivals to sweaty euphoric club nights, those looking to escape the world come together for an unforgettable experience. This can only be brought to life through the pure craft and dedication of the phenomenal artists behind the decks.

Incredibly pieced together sets, whether recorded live or for a podcast and worldwide mix series, set the tone for the direction of club culture and provide an insight into the euphoric scene which has long since landed on every continent of the planet.

Gone are the days of mixtapes being passed on from hand to hand. Today it’s predominantly streaming channels like Soundcloud where mixes are found. These danceable recordings stick often to a duration of just one hour, much like the classic tape and set length.

Australian based Flow Music has taken it to the next level and invited DJs worldwide to a special series. The FLOW SESSIONS have a fixed length of 3 hours and 33 minutes which allows the artists to take the listener on a personal journey and really share their true love of music. This is a significant statement in the fast-paced world of TikTok and short attention spans.

Artists such as Anja Schneider, Nick Warren, AFFKT, Super Flu, Jonas Saalbach and many more talented individuals deliver beautifully assembled sounds which invite you to dive in deep until you’re fully submersed. At points, the set can be impulsive and tense before re-emerging in absolute harmony with warmer, more organic compositions.

The authenticity is defined through this melodic spectrum. Using this format, Flow has created one of the most important mix series worldwide, instead of the generic and impersonal algorithms of streaming services, an endorphin stimulating alternative: Life-changing audio trips in 3.33h length that you cannot forget.

In the meantime, the main series FLOW SESSIONS has been joined by the 333 SESSIONS – exclusively reserved for Australian artists – making it possible to take a peek into the bubbling scene that the continent has to offer.

In addition to this and totally independent of the hype surrounding FLOW SESSIONS, Flow has also launched FLOW SESSIONS LIVE. A series focused on the live aspect of electronic music with instruments and live vocals, presenting these not only aurally but also visually. The first step of another exciting journey begins.

Each of the Flow Sessions features an original artwork by Jai Piccone, one of the founders and curators of the series. Each individually designed artwork is inspired by the mix itself.