Exclusive Interview With DJ & Producer Jacob Colon

Jacob Colon stunning productions have been reaching new heights, as the DJ keeps a strong and consistent pace releasing hard-hitting bangers that have been received enthusiastically by listeners all over the world, as well as his radio show ‘Made to Move’ getting new slots in the weekly schedule of radio stations worldwide, the artist continues his mission of delivering his signature Jacob Colon sound with every new release.

Now, we sat down with him to talk about the release of ‘Get Down’ a powerful banger that’s already making a splash.

Hello Jacob, how are things going?

Things have been very good. I’ve had some great responses about this latest drop along with seeing a few additional radio stations picking up my show “Made to Move Radio” so, I’m excited to keep this momentum going.

‘Get Down’ is officially out, can you tell us what inspired this track?

At the time of this production, I was listening to a lot of Kanye West. I got inspired but how he used vocal elements like shouts as background ambience. You’ll hear some of those elements in this track.

What did you want to achieve sonically with this song?

I wanted to create a mysterious and moody type of vibe.

Which part of the song did you start working on first?

Drums and Bass.

What samples did you use for this production?

There’s a lot of different samples that I chopped up and rearranged to create atmospheres and interesting ear-candy type of things.

Did you learn something new while working on this track?

I always learn small tricks to help improve my tracks. Nothing that would be noticeable to the common listener. It’s more of an engineering thing.

How does ‘Get Down’ compare to your latest releases?

I would say this track is similar in style compared to my other releases. I think the groove is the most important element that create the Jacob Colon sound which is something I focus on every time I create a song.

Whose opinion do you trust the most when producing music?

I have a few close peers that I ask for opinions. Besides that, I just keep it moving and trust my own ear.

Would you like to experiment with new genres in the future?

Perhaps something outside of the House scene. I’ve produced Hip Hop and other genres in the past, so I can definitely see myself exploring it again in the future.

What’s coming up for Jacob Colon?

More music…. Follow me on social media to find out.

Listen to the tracks below!