Exclusive Interview with DJs & Producers ÜNAM & K-os Theory from Cafe De Anatolia

Tell us more about yourself & your music career?

ÜNAM: My music career began years ago when I first started DJing. Then i wanted to create my own unique sound, and music exactly as i like it, so I decided to start producing my own music. It fuses electronic soundscapes with organic textures, deep melodies, big bass rhythms, and hypnotic sounds, all together through a solid and potent groove. It’s meant to be felt, not just heard. It is music that speaks to the soul and uplifts the spirit.

Over the years I’ve performed in great venues such as Giardino Dei Visionari and massive festivals including Own Spirit Festival. I have releases on labels such as Piep & Pochet, LNDKHN, Sirin, Cosmic Awakenings, WAYU and many others. My goal is to create music that will inspire and move people, and that will make them feel something special.

K-os Theory: I am a DJ & music producer from Mumbai, India.

I love to experiment and create fusions with ethnic Indian, African, Arabic elements and more modern sounds.

I started off DJing, initially at a few clubs in Mumbai. Since then my eagerness to make my own music grew as well… which finally got me into full time production. I have played at some of the best night clubs in India & have released music on labels such as Katermukke, Kamai, Sirin Music, Sounds Of Khemit, Pipe & Pochet, Lump Records, Shango Records & others.

How would you describe your style of music?

ÜNAM: Electronic soundscapes with organic textures, deep melodies, big bass rhythms, and hypnotic sounds, all together through a solid and potent groove. Vibrant emotions that rise the vibe and deep sensations.

K-os Theory: Fusion of ethnic Indian, African, Arabic elements with more modern sounds.

Where do you find inspiration?

ÜNAM: I find inspiration in many places – other people’s music, nature, travelling, my own feelings and experiences, stories I hear or read, the world around and inside me.

K-os Theory: The result that I get after putting in long hours to make beautiful music with aesthetic sounds itself gives me motivation.

Describe how music is important to society.

ÜNAM: Music is everything, it connects people, it helps us to experience our emotions and liberate them, heals, creates magic moments, makes deep experiences, makes it possible to express the impossible to express with words

K-os Theory: Music brings everyone together surpassing human made boundaries like religion, language, nations etc.

What is the best time of the day to create?

ÜNAM: I would say the evening, sometimes maybe at night if some big idea suddenly comes.

K-os Theory: Night time is the most peaceful period to create music for me.

Who are your musical influences?

ÜNAM: I have influence from deep house and psychedellic music, as well as melodic electronic genres and traditional music. I am especially interested in the sounds of nature and everyday life sounds (That I usually record with my recorder), and the way they can be incorporated into my work.

I also explore the range of sounds and rhythms that the ancient cultures have to offer. I have an appreciation for the roots of music and its influence in the modern world. I am constantly inspired by the diversity of music and its ability to evoke emotion and create a powerful experience for the listener.

K-os Theory: Oliver Koletzki, Cioz, Jacob Groeing, Nhii, Felix Raphael.

What is the most difficult thing about being a musician?

ÜNAM: The most difficult thing about being a musician is the sheer dedication it takes to become successful. It takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and practice to hone your craft and develop your own unique sound. Additionally, as an independent musician, you may also need to handle the business side of your career such as marketing.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

K-os Theory: My original track Into the Unknown which got released on Katermukke along with a remix by Dirty Doering & playing at Satellite Beachside Festival, Goa, India.

What are your latest releases?

ÜNAM: The Last Sunrise (on Sirin Music) & “ÜNAM – The Last Goan Hippie” EP

K-os Theory: Del Nava EP (on Sirin Music), Whispers Of The Past (on Sounds of Khemit) & a remix on Pipe & Pochet

What is your connection with Cafe De Anatolia

ÜNAM: I feel incredibly happy about my upcoming release on Cafe de Anatolia. I have been following this record label for several years now, and I have always been drawn to the unique atmosphere and culture that it brings.

K-os Theory: This is my first release with my buddy ÜNAM on this label – The track is an experimentation of mystic oriental sounds.

Are you working on something new?

ÜNAM: Yes, there are lots of projects going on.

K-os Theory: Yes, I am working on a remix for Shango records & a few original tracks which are planned to be released in the coming months.

Where and when is your next performance?

ÜNAM: 22 April in Torino.

What’s the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?

ÜNAM: The best piece of advice I’ve ever received from another musician was to never give up, no matter how difficult things may seem. No matter how many times you may fail, keep pushing forward and don’t let anyone or anything discourage you from doing what you love. GO FOR IT, NONSTOP.

K-os Theory: Be Patient.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

ÜNAM: GO FOR IT, and don’t give up no matter what. Stay focused and consistent with your path. Trust the process.

K-os Theory: Just be patient, and be yourself. Don’t let your uniqueness be drowned by run of the mill music.. keep persevering, you will achieve success one day for sure.