Michael Canitrot unveils his brand new track ‘Light Odyssey’

Michael Canitrot

French DJ and producer Michael Canitrot drops his new single ‘Light Odyssey’. It’s an instrumental track with a Progressive House structure mixed with Melodic Techno sounds, which starts in a rather dark atmosphere and then opens up to radiant sounds.

Here’s what Michael Canitrot had to say about the release:

“The title ‘Light Odyssey‘ expresses the idea of a dark and deep journey towards the most brilliant light. To accomplish this luminous quest, it is essential to maintain constant perseverance in hope and thus keep a positive meaning to one’s own journey” 

Once again, Michael Canitrot offers cinematic and evocative music which appeals to dancefloors as well as to the imagination and one’s senses: the perfect soundtrack for his upcoming sets.

Michael Canitrot is also the founder of Monumental Tour, a concept of events combining DJ sets, digital art, heritage and electronic music in iconic monuments. Michael and his Monumental Tour will offer 4 performances in the coming months on extraordinary historic sites, hosting a total of approx. 30.000 spectators. The perfect opportunity to be transported by video mapping and light shows designed for music which is as poetic as powerful, all sublimated by the iconic monuments.

Michael Canitrot Light Odyssey

Passionate about history and architecture, while being a strong ambassador of electronic culture, Michael Canitrot defines the Monumental Tour as ‘an opportunity to bring the past into dialogue with the future, to rediscover our monuments from a new angle. An experience that also intends to give meaning to the celebration by attracting new audiences to these historic places, by making them aware of the importance of preserving our heritage for future generations’.

Michael Canitrot – Monumental Tour

The last performances of the Monumental Tour at the Palais-Royal, Château de Vincennes or at the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel have been watched by millions: on socials, on the web, during several TV broadcasts and of course, live.

Listen to the track below!

The track is now available on all platforms.