Layton Giordani reveals inspiring new two-tracker ‘Phantom’ on Drumcode

The new two-tracker comes off the back of his collaboration with HI-LO ‘Rabbit Hole’ that nears 3M streams, and his most recent Drumcode EP ‘Life Moves Fast’, which was an early 2023 highlight.

The title track is a vibrant dancefloor trip, sometimes feeling more like a widescreen film soundtrack, such is Giordani‘s skill for crafting a thrilling dramaturgy, while always having a strong ear for strong, driving rhythms.

Here’s what the renowned DJ and producer had to say about “Phantom“:

“I wanted to evoke the vibe of an exciting city at night and channel that unique energy into Phantom.”

Layton Giordani – Phantom

Stepping away from techno, ‘Thrillseeker‘ shows a side to the young New Yorker we’ve never seen before. He draws from hip hop, trap and pop, reinforcing his breadth as a producer and talent for sound design.

“Thrillseeker is pretty much the idea behind the name. I wanted to experiment and make something out side of my ordinary sound. Expand my horizon and welcome some new sound and energy in the studio.”

Listen to the tracks below.