iSorin unleashed epic, moving wave EP “Evolve” on label

In a musical era flooded with the monotony of previous epochs, iSorin’s Evolve EP breathes a refreshing gust of air. It hearkens back to a time when artists were genuine boundary-pushers, not mere imitators. Through the Evolve EP, iSorin reminds listeners of music’s innate power to transcend time and space. With this release, iSorin unquestionably leaves his mark, not only as a producer but also as a visionary.

Parallels between his tracks and the societal shifts we experience are inevitable. “Side Effects,” with its ethereal vocal sample, paints a vivid picture of a world not far from our own—a future where humanity grapples with its own creations.

The wave genre, a subterranean current in the vast EDM ocean, finds its champion in iSorin. His tracks, akin to waves, are unpredictable; they crest, trough, crash, and flow. There’s an ebb and flow, a rhythmic dance between tension and release.

Ultimately, the Evolve EP isn’t just a testament to iSorin‘s prowess—it’s a clarion call to listeners to evolve, push boundaries, and resist stagnation. The EP is less a collection of songs and more a chronicle of metamorphosis.

In the dynamic world of electronic music, iSorin stands as a musical alchemist, collaborating with some of the greats within the broader wave electronic culture like Ravenscoon, SBU, and REMNANT.exe.

Hailing from the pulsing heart of Milwaukee, WI, his nearly two-decade-long journey in production has seen him morph and sculpt the contours of melodic bass, propelling it into new and uncharted territories.

Evolve EP transcends mere musical compilations; it’s a defining expression of iSorin‘s evolution, his metamorphic arc in sound. Take a deep plunge and immerse yourself in the rich tidal currents of his sonic seascape.

Listen to the tracks below.