Marco Faraone unveils ‘Emergency’, his inspired remake of the Italian dance classic ‘Emergency 911’

Marco Faraone reworks an Italian dance classic, as Prezioso feat. Marvin ‘Emergency 911’ gets a modern-day techno remake.

Faraone was just 12-year-old when ‘Emergency 911‘ was released in 2000 on Time Records, the track sparking an early love for dance music, before he’d go on to discover house and techno in his mid-teens.

“Everyone from my generation grew up with this music; anyone who says different is telling a lie, just because they want to look cool,” he shares laughing. The original was a hugely popular at the time and today boasts over 2M plays on Youtube.

“Want to know the truth? I was lying in bed one day listening to some old dance records for fun and ‘Emergency 911’ came on and I decided right in this moment to bring it back to life by sampling the vocal from the vinyl and making a techno re-work that would be an exclusive for my sets.”

What started off as some fun delving into his past, soon turned serious when he sent the track to Adam Beyer, who played it during his b2b with Eric Prydz at Ultra Miami and countless track I.D requests ensued. Faraone knew he had something special on his hands.

An introduction to Time Records followed soon after. “The CEO Giacomo Maiolini was really surprised with the way I reworked such an iconic classic. When I explained that everyone in the techno scene was asking about the track, he decided to give us the opportunity to license it.”

One listen to Faraone‘s modern day remake and there’s no surprise it got the seal of approval from the legendary Time Records (and countless I.D hunting ravers). This is punchy and powerful techno that utilises the famous sample to thrilling effect. A very large record indeed!

Listen to the track below.