Julian Jordan & Eleganto reunite to release their electrifying new track: “One Nation”

STMPD RCRDS powerhouse Julian Jordan has joined forces with burgeoning talent Eleganto to release their electrifying new track, One Nation.

The song, which carries a powerful message of unity and togetherness, was exclusively premiered by none other than Martin Garrix, Alesso, and Julian himself during this year’s Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium. Since its debut, One Nation has rapidly become a staple track in the sets of these industry icons and a host of others.

Julian Jordan and Eleganto‘s collaboration journey began with their viral hit NRG a couple of months ago. Building on the success of their previous venture, the duo met in Amsterdam to craft One Nation, a refreshing bass house track to be released on Martin GarrixSTMPD RCRDS.

Julian Jordan & Eleganto – One Nation

Their previous collaboration, NRG, captured the hearts and attention of millions, amassing over 50 million views on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Recognizing the extraordinary number of people they had reached, Julian Jordan and Eleganto felt compelled to create a track with a deeper, more meaningful message. Their shared vision led to the birth of One Nation.

The track encapsulates a message of brotherhood, emphasizing the importance of the dance community coming together. This powerful anthem encourages individuals to disregard competition or envy, and instead focus on support and breaking free from the confines of musical genres or divisions. It’s meant for everyone, everywhere.

Having meticulously road-tested the track during their live performances, One Nation quickly garnered substantial demand from fellow DJs. It rapidly emerged as one of the most requested IDs in both their repertoire, solidifying its status as a dancefloor anthem with universal appeal.

Listen to the track below!