DJ Sammy Drops His Second Collaboration With Renns and Scarlett: “Braveheart”

DJ Sammy, music icon who has sold more than 20 million records, is back with another track: “Braveheart”. The new track is the second collaboration with the Hamburg based producer Renns and US singer Scarlett.

Better Days” already contained the vocals of the enchanting US singer Scarlett, who lives in Los Angeles and now also enchants “Braveheart” with her voice. “Braveheart” presents a huge soundscape that unleashes emotions and draws the crowd to the dance floor.

One of the most iconic DJs and producers worldwide, DJ Sammy has sold more than 20 million records and has been the recipient of countless awards. The Mallorcan global superstar is without a doubt one of the most successful electronic music artists of all time. His worldwide breakthrough arrived in 2001 with “Heaven”.

Dj Sammy & Renns

The track sold more than 2 million records across Europe and Australia and landed at number 2 in the United States – US HOT 100 billboards, before hitting the number 1 spot in the influential UK charts in 2002.

Follow up track “The Boys of Summer” rocketed up to number 2 in the British charts. In addition to the incredible chart positions, TV appearances and worldwide awards, DJ Sammy was also recognized for his DJ excellence after charting in the internationally renowned DJ Mag Top 100 rankings (2005 #92, 2006 #61).

Renns is full of inspiration, just like his city of Hamburg, where he has lived since 2007. He is constantly on a journey of discovery and looking for further sonic development. His productions are a constant journey through modern electro and melodic pop. After numerous collaborations with Jay Frog, WhiteCapMusic, Caleidescop and Randlover, he released “Better Days” with DJ Sammy on the Golden Chocolate label this summer.

Braveheart” is out now on the MyClubroom label.

Listen to the track below.