Den Haku is proud to present “Wildfire”, the brand new track by DJ Sammy, Achilles & Beks

Den Haku is thrilled to introduce “Wildfire,” the latest track from the talented trio of DJ Sammy, Achilles, and Beks. Prepare to be swept away by a melody that is truly unique and guaranteed to evoke powerful emotions.

In this exciting collaboration, multi-platinum producer DJ Sammy joins forces with Australian producer Achilles and the acclaimed Australian pop artist, Beks, renowned for her collaborations with artists such as Neptunica.

Wildfire” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem of empowerment. It encourages listeners to use the judgments and criticisms of others as fuel to ignite their own passion and determination.

Experience the energy and inspiration of “Wildfire” by listening to the track below. Let the music transport you and ignite your inner fire.