Chris Avantgarde unveils his brand new single on Afterlife ‘Perception’

Titled ‘Perception,’ this new release stands as a testament to Avantgarde’s ability to craft grandiose compositions that leave an indelible mark on the listener.

The track is a journey through a landscape of emotions, marked by poignant moments and an undeniable air of mystique that captivates the senses.

What sets ‘Perception‘ apart is the haunting quality of the vocals, which adds an additional layer of depth to an already profound musical experience. As the Afterlife label continues its phenomenal trajectory in 2023, this single emerges as yet another incredible standout moment.

Chris Avantgarde

To truly immerse yourself in the sonic journey that is ‘Perception,’ we invite you to listen to the track below. Let the evocative sounds of Chris Avantgarde transport you to a realm where music transcends mere auditory stimulation, resonating with the very essence of your being.