Berlin Dance Music Event 2024 finalizes programming

On 22 May, five days of Berlin Dance Music Event (BDME) will kick off for the fifth time, a capital city happening for all those dedicated to electronic dance music. From the panel to the party and back: at this unique event between a specialist conference and a festival, the doors will be open almost around the clock for experts, artists and fans of the scene.

Listen to the talks during the day and the beats at night – networking on a grand scale is seamlessly followed by a big night out. Panels, workshops, masterclasses and discussion rounds are all about sharing (knowledge), trends and challenges in the industry.

50 events in 20 trendy clubs and, for the first time, 15 selected bars will drive the party crowd from the conference rooms straight into Berlin’s night-time hotspots.

Berlin Dance Music Event 2024
Berlin Dance Music Event 2024

Last year’s figures of around 24,600 guests on site and almost 7,700 online participants are set to be topped by BDME 2024. Nothing could be easier – after all, the highlights are overflowing with the confirmed full programme:

Artist Careers: The Art of Artist Development and Management

This session will explore the crucial aspects of artist development and management to ensure long-term success in the ever-evolving music industry. Speakers Yvonne Hartmann, Jan Hollstein (UNLEASH) and Robin Jagielski (DJ Mag) will provide insights into effective strategies for nurturing talent and managing artists to become

How To Hack The Streaming Algorithm – Algorithm Alchemy: Mastering the Secrets of Streaming Success

In this panel, James Carter and Nico Pisano (dig dis) reveal key strategies for artists and labels to optimise their music for streaming platforms. They will discuss how understanding and adapting to algorithmic preferences can significantly increase visibility and listener engagement.

Berlin Dance Music Event
Berlin Dance Music Event 2024

Production Masterclasses by SeeDJ

SeeDJ has been known for years as a renowned online platform for eLearning and growth support in the field of music production. With six masterclasses, the academy presents a high-calibre event for all up-and-coming producers, led by the hottest underground producers on the scene.

Production Challenge by LANDR

LANDR is the creative platform for mastering and production support and is organising a Production Challenge for musicians with exciting prizes as part of the BDME.

„Women in the Industry” with Marie Kück, LOVRA, Jenny Walzer, Jessica Schöberlein

The panel discussion “Women in the Industry” will highlight the central role and importance of women in the dance music industry with contributions from influential figures in DJing, production, music publishing and agencies. The event will provide valuable insights into their challenges, successes and contributions as well as the promotion of inclusion and empowerment within the industry.

How to Bandcamp with Aly Gillani

The workshop will provide deeper insights into optimizing presence and sales on the online music platform Bandcamp. Emerging artists, independent labels and music enthusiasts will gain expertise on best practices and innovative strategies for success, from optimizing your profile to interacting with your audience.

BDME 2024 continues its tradition of providing a platform for innovation, education and artistic exchange, supported by some of the music industry’s leading brands and organizations.

For more information including ticket sales and full programme click HERE.