DJs And Their Favorite Football Clubs

If there`s one language that breaks boundaries as much as football – it is definitelly music. Actually, we would say that it unites people even more than football does, simply because we have heard the sentence ” i hate football “ quite often, but we never heard someone say   ” i hate music “. Some of our favorite DJs also happen to be big football fans, and most of them, of clubs we support.

So today we will share a list of DJs and their favorite football clubs

7Judge Jules

via Judge Jules with ex Arsenal player Van Persie

Judge Jules is a lifelong and passionate follower of football. He supports Arsenal FC and he also made a remix of the Premier League’s official anthem in 2005. When he was asked in a interview for The Sun, why is he an Arsenal fan, he answered “I was brought up and still live about a mile and a half away from the ground, some way between Arsenal and Tottenham. I drew the long straw as historically Arsenal have been better than Spurs — certainly in my lifetime”.