DJs And Their Favorite Football Clubs

If there`s one language that breaks boundaries as much as football – it is definitelly music. Actually, we would say that it unites people even more than football does, simply because we have heard the sentence ” i hate football “ quite often, but we never heard someone say   ” i hate music “. Some of our favorite DJs also happen to be big football fans, and most of them, of clubs we support.

So today we will share a list of DJs and their favorite football clubs


Kygo with Man UTD player Juan Mata

The Norwegian DJ, songwriter, record producer and musician is a Manchester United fan. He posted a photo with Juan Mata on his facebook profile saying ” When I was young I dreamt about playing for Man United, so it was pretty cool to get a private tour around Old Trafford today by the one and only Juan Mata! Thanks for taking care of me and for stopping by my show “.

via fb Kygo and Mata at Old Trafford
via fb Kygo and Mata at Old Trafford