RAVE Dictionary For Beginners

img via Insomniac

When trying to describe a rave to someone, you might find it harder than you think, and you may even catch yourself saying, “You’d have to be there to understand.” That in itself is what makes a rave a rave.

In the early nineties, these parties were called underground raves and were usually in abandoned warehouses and houses, but today a lot has changed. Now a days these festivals are mainly outdoors and upwards of 50,000 people are in attendance.

One of the biggest staples in the rave scene is a saying called PLUR. This is the acronym for peace, love, unity and respect. It stands for the foundation and characteristic of the ideal raver.

PLUR, img via Insomniac

While attending an event, you may see an exchange of Kandi between two fellow ravers. Kandi is the arts and crafts side of the scene, where you string colorful beads together and wrap them around your arm. This exchange I mentioned earlier is like a secret handshake you will learn over time. You start by locking hands and gently slide Kandi from your arm to your fellow ravers arm and they do the same to you. The best part of all is after the exchange you hug one another and feel great, for you have just met a new friend.

Some people will say raves originated from Chicago in the early ninety’s and others will say the scene came from the UK. Either way, the scene was born and would spread like wildfire across the US and UK.

In the rave scene, there is somewhat of a lingo that one must learn before he or she truly feels immersed. For instance, when listening to a track you may hear someone say, “This is a banger! “ This simply means this track is hott and is getting the crowd moving. Another saying you will probably hear is, “Here comes the drop!” Every song has a build up, and the drop is the part of the song that the buildup leads to and is known as the best part of the song.

Going to a rave is like going on a magical journey. The second you walk in, you immediately feel a sense of freedom and euphoria. The rush of the large crowds, the energy you get from the music, and the vibes you feel as you connect with absolute strangers is an experience you can’t describe.

So, if you haven’t tried it for yourself its about time!