The 10 Most Annoying Types of Ravers

most annoying types of ravers
img via Insomniac

Top 10 most annoying types of ravers in no particular order, because let’s face it once you’re deemed annoying it’s hard to bounce back from. Without further ado here they are.


These 2 are just outlandish! They usually can barely stand or let a lone remember their names, but they do know who their significant other is and are not afraid to share that information with everyone. Usually they will not be able to stop touch each other very sexually during the set while falling over each other and just being sloppy. Sometimes I wonder maybe their tongues really are just knotted together and they need a little help on how to separate.


These people “think” they’re in the industry when they clearly are not. Frankly I do not care who you think you know or why you should have gotten in for free, what DJ/Producer you know or which DJ/Producer sucks in your opinion. I am clearly hear for a reason and that is to enjoy the DJ set. Your snobby attitude just sucks and is killing my vibe. Bye Felicia!


This person is a hit or miss. Sometimes, like once in a blue moon you’ll get someone really cool but more than likely that won’t be the case. You’ll end up meeting someone who is just flat out annoying and just out there mentally, and since you’ve engaged in conversation with said person they will be following you and your friends the ENTIRE show asking constant random questions and just getting on your nerves.


These guys are usually in a group of 10 or more right smack dab in the front. They aren’t moving and they aren’t dancing, usually they’re just taking videos or pictures and that’s it. They are easily constricting the view of what feels like half of the crowd with a totem of some kids face who is usually in the group with a blown up pic that is about 100×100 or a flag repping the college/university they attend. The only thing they are good at is blocking half of the stage production.


I cant even make this up the other day I was at a music festival in Florida and this girl was stopped and denied entry. Why you ask? Because her outfit was too revealing. She literally had nothing on! Do you know how hard it is to not get into a music festival because our outfit is too revealing? Answer: Nearly impossible. For some reason this girl thought clear scotch tape, a pound of makeup, and lots of glitter was enough. I give her an A+ for creativity and clearly not giving a fuck, but still not everyone is trying to see that just because everyone in line and the cops were staring at you doesn’t mean you did a good job killing your outfit. You had to go home and change to be admitted entry talk about losing in 2017. You should of just left that scotch tape in 2016 honestly.


This is the person who gets everyone hyped up in a shuffle circle and when its their go, it turns out they can’t shuffle at all but they believe they’re killing it. My advice is practice at home first, before you have everyone watching you booing you until death by embarrassment.


One thing I hate is when people mosh when there IS NO NEED TOO! If the DJ calls for it that’s a different story but when I’m standing there enjoying myself to a Above & Beyond set for example and you start moshing then we have a problem. Makes me want to just ask you to respect yourself and enjoy the music that I want to enjoy. Please just stop I do not want to get hit in my face.


I had to reference Showtimes “Shameless” on this list. This person is constantly taking shots or hits of something every 5 minutes that will impair them beyond belief. Besides that, they’re going around asking for free drinks cigarettes or drugs they’ll take anything they can get their hands on and will con everyone into buying into the B.S. they spew about why they can’t afford something. When the show is over if you rode with them it’ll take you about an hour and fifteen to find them and they’ll have a new friend who is probably worse than them. All I can say about these types of people are avoid at all costs you’ll end up paying double for everything including things you don’t partake in.


This girl thinks everything is FREE, well for her at least. The uber there and back, the ticket to get in, all her drinks, and anything else that costs money that she wants to do. Her excuses are: I know the DJ, my roommate works here, and I just lost my wallet. She usually is very attractive and almost always gets her way but when she gets checked and doesn’t get her way all hell breaks loose. Shell turn into a grade A bitch that wants to go home early because her friend josh will smoke her out for free. Whatever you do don’t be this girl because she just sucks at life.


These folks are usually about 40 years old preying on younger attractive ravers. It’s true they might have lots of money but usually they aren’t the best looking and they are very very very very awkward I can not stress this enough. If you fall into one of their traps you have no personality and probably no soul. Just because they were 25 at Woodstock doesn’t mean they should be out preying on younglings and flashing money. Their spouse is just out of town on business and they want a quick lay. Don’t be one of their victims.