Getter Is Leaving The EDM Scene And You Won’t Believe Why !

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Tanner Petulla, 24-year-old electronic music producer, DJ and rapper, more commonly know as Getter, recently announced to Twitter that he’s leaving the EDM industry.

After a negative exchange with another Twitter user, Petulla claimed he’s “leaving the industry” and the “scene.” In what seems like a public meltdown, the American DJ vented to his fans over how “shit” the scene has become for him and Twitter user, sandyballz3, is one of the reasons behind it. However, Getter stated he plans to continue writing music but is stepping away after he completes his next album.

Back in 2012, Getter’s career took off when he signed with Firepower Records and later collaborated with big name artists such as Datsik, Skrillex and Borgore. He also released through other labels known as OWSLA and Rottun Recordings, and in 2017 he launched his own record label, clothing shop and artist collective known as Shred Collective.

But I guess all that hard work isn’t enough to keep this one going. Adios Getter, let’s hope you made the right decision.

Check out Petulla’s Twitter rants here:

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