Don’t Expect to see Deadmau5 at EDC Las Vegas 2018 !!! [And Here’s Why]

Deadmau5 edc las vegas
img via Jess Baumung

It’s no secret that Deadmau5 loves to troll on Twitter but who would of thought that he’d be conversing tweets with the legendary Barry Manilow? And about EDC Las Vegas?

Just a few days ago, Manilow, 73-year-old American singer-songwriter, took to Twitter, sarcastically asking Deadmau5 if he’d be seeing him at EDC next year.

Zimmerman quickly responded saying the Electric Daisy Carnival isn’t really his thing but he’ll definitely be hitting him up next time he’s in the neighborhood.

As Deadmau5 has made his hatred for EDC very clear in the past, this news isn’t so surprising to us. Last year, Zimmerman, of course resorting to Twitter, made it very known that the Electric Daisy Carnival is not his favorite place on Earth.

Following Deadmau5 and Manilow’s earlier tweets, Zimmerman tweeted a comment back on a picture the singer posted, asking, “Why can’t we be friends Barry?” Manilow didn’t hesitate to respond.

Looks like these two famous producers just became friends. One of the few friends Deadmau5 has made on Twitter.