Deadmau5 shares the story behind his famous mouse helmet

deadmau5 cube

Deadmau5 recently chatted with host Richard Vission on SiriusXM Pitbull’s Globalization show Powertools. During their conversation, Deadmau5 talks about the first time he put on his famous mouse ears and claims it all started as a joke with his friend.

Powertools hosted by Richard Vission airs Saturdays at 11pm ET on SiriusXM‘s Pitbull’s Globalization (channel 13).

Richard Vission: So looking back on 25 years, and we look at the mouse ears. I wanna know the first time you put it on was it like, “What the fuck am I doing? This sucks.”

Deadmau5: Yes, yes. No, well, it wasn’t this sucks.

Richard Vission: Or was it like “I’m a genius. I should have done this five years before.”

Deadmau5: I had no idea what the outcome was. Much of my whole career was just the start of an inside joke.

Richard Vission: What was the inside joke?

Deadmau5: Well, the inside joke was like, okay, blah, blah, blah, I made a mouse head in 3D and then I sent it to a friend and then he put it on himself like I superimposed it on an image, Jay Gordon from Orgy actually. I sent a picture to him and he told me, he said, “Well, if you ever perform live, you need to like actually make that and wear it.”

And I’m like, “That’s stupid.” I’m like, but that’s just kind of funny. But yeah, whatever. And you know, and this kind of run in my head for years and years and years, and it just like, everybody thought it was really cool and I was just like, “Wow, that actually kind of was a good idea.” Even though I didn’t mean it to be, because like everyone, no one’s gonna forget that.

Check out the video below!