Coca-Cola launched Bottle Lables that turn into functional Festival Wristbands !!!

festival wristbands
Coca-Cola festival wristbands

Coca-Cola company looks to heighten appeal among ravers and festival goers with bottles that turn into festival wristbands.

It’s no surprise that major brands are jumping into the music realm, as Pizza Hut previously created a box that replicated DJ decks, and now Coca-Cola is launching bottles that come with festival wristbands on the label.

The festival wristbands, developed by McCann Bucharest, came in 8 different designs. Not every one grant you access to a festival, you had to scan it first with a special mobile app to see if it was a winner.

The Coca-Cola brand has colaborated with several large music festivals in Romania as part of the push, including Transylvania’s Untold Festival, which in 2016 was named Best Major European Festival at the European Festival Awards.

Check out the video ad for the Romanian campaign below.