This Rave sees more arrests in 1 night than entire Nocturnal Wonderland festival


This past weekend in Malaysia, the city of Ipoh was host to a rave that saw over 225 people arrested in a single night.

Apparently the low-key party was organized through social media platforms. Such apps like Instagram, WeChat and WhatsApp were used to promote which was ultimately how the Police found out about the rave.

As mentioned above, a total of 225 arrests were made on Saturday, with 62 testing positive for narcotics. Authorities are claiming around 34 grams of marijuana was found along with some pills that were confiscated throughout the evening.

Now it’s not fully known how many people were attendance, the staggering number of arrests are still unheard of. This years 2-day Nocturnal Wonderland Festival had only 68 total arrests with over 20,000 in attendance. This all just makes that 225 number even worse. Malaysia goes hard I guess…

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